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about 1 year ago
New Server Partners!

I know that its been a while since I posted here, but I am happy to announce our partnership with a few other small servers! 


Here are our partner servers!

-Coolrocket, owned by coolplayes

-Legplay, owned by flippetyflip,

-Fararnet, owned by Farar1974

We look forward to growing our community along with helping grow our partner servers' communities. Also a big thanks to our build team, led by AyuTheDesigner, for building the spawnpoints for two of our partner servers! If you happen to see the buildteam on the server, be sure to thank them for the work they have done. Thats all I have for this announcement. Enjoy the server and community!

- DaFlame

about 1 year ago
FOGC Season 2 Released!

We are proud to announce that FOGC season 2 has successfully released. We hope you can all join us soon so we can get a playerbase going. The ip and port for the server is listed on the discord, and on the discord widget on this website, and will be listed on this website itself. We currently have a giveaway running for 5 lucky players to win MVP rank on the server. We will be doing a vote keyall if we can get enough players online. Thanks for your patience on waiting for the release. We are excited for what our playerbase has to offer for our wonderful server.

Enjoy your stay!

-FOGC Staff Team

-DaFlame (Founder of FOGC)

over 2 years ago
FOGC Season 2 Releasing in Mid-February

We are excited to announce that FOGC Season 2 is releasing in mid-February. The release will feature one gamemode, FOGC Skyblock Season 2. Additional gamemodes will be added later, but the server will be whitelisted while making and testing new gamemodes. In order to test the server for the upcoming release, we are going to need beta testers, so apply now before beta testing positions are taken. We will make a seperate form for beta tester applications. We are not going to give an exact release date for the server until it is near complete because with the current state of the server, it is hard to give an exact date at this point. Thank you for reading this information regarding FOGC Season 2. We hope you are ready for the upcoming release, and with that, it is time to get HYPED for the upcoming release! 


-DaFlame (AKA FlatOutGamer3000)

over 2 years ago
MVP Rank Giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of the new server website, we will be doing a MVP Rank giveaway on the discord server. To enter, go to the giveaways channel and react with the giveaway bot's reaction. You can join the discord by clicking on the wigit on the homepage or forums.


Thank You!



over 2 years ago
Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to the new FOGC Server Website! We hope you like it more than the enjin website. This is our new home as a community, and I am proud to present it as open! Come register if you are a new / exsisting FOGC Member.


Thank you!



p.s. Groups will be fixed shortly.

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